Hexer – Cosmic Doom Ritual LP

Hexer – Cosmic Doom Ritual LP

„Three tracks and 34-minutes of cosmic doom metal was just what the doctor ordered. Hexer’s surprisingly tactful use of melody, nuance and feel drifts beneath cataclysmic slabs of sludge and doom, creating an intriguing sonic landscape that retains the listener’s interest for the majority.“ ~ Angry Metal Guy

Seriously, what we have here are three utterly gargantuan tracks of gloomy, ritualistic Doom and cold, cosmic ambience, absolutely heaving with miserable melody and haunting atmosphere… so what else could the band call this album except Cosmic Doom Ritual? ~ nocleansinging.com

Recorded by Alex Pojda @ Kaiserkeller/Holodeckstudio
Mixed by Jan Kerscher @ Ghost City Recordings
Mastered by Phillip Welsing @ Original Mastering


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